The Founder

Audrey Bell-Jenkins,


Real Women Revealed, LLC



Bachelor’s Degree: Human Services Management – (Project Management)


Award Winning Women's Support Coach; Founder & CEO of Real Women Revealed, LLC & Author of:  "Oops Girlfriend You Dropped Your Self-Worth"


Human Services Leader, social worker and women's support coach with more than 14 years of experience managing all aspects of community outreach/collaboration, workforce development expertise; facilitating women empowerment support groups; addressing & advocating for the growing homeless population; event planning for Teen Empowerment Summits; Sisterhood-Sessions; Women Empowerment Luncheons/conferences; and Black Girls Empowerment Rally.


Audrey has worked with the largest homeless shelter in Maricopa County (AZ) to provide extensive employment assessments; workforce development which includes organizing employer events for immediate hire, creating and facilitating job readiness workshops. She also worked intensely with the women population at the shelter to provide empowerment and self-worth training.


  • 2021-22 Greater Phoenix Workforce Leadership Academy - Future of Arizona & Aspen Institute



  •  2019 Martin Luther King – Living The Dream Award


(Awarded by City of Phoenix Human Relations Community)


  • Commissioner – City of Phoenix Human Services Commission


  • Governing School Board Member – George Gervin Prep Academy


  • Vice President – West Valley NAACP (Phoenix, AZ)


  • WIN State Chair (Arizona) - "Women In the NAACP




CEO Real Women Revealed, LLC (women’s support/empowerment organization)


Founder of Real Women Revealed Annual Celebration of Women Summit/Luncheon


“Real Women Revealed, LLC (RWR): women’s support organization that educates and empowers women & girls through support groups; advocacy; mentor-ships; workforce & professional development; sisterhood sessions; and more. We are dedicated to inspiring women & girls to be the best they can be!”


RWR host: Annual Celebration of Women Luncheons; Annual Teen Empowerment Summits; and Quarterly Sisterhood Sessions.


Chief Development Officer & Asst. Program Director : House of Miracles, Inc.  501c3 - We provide counseling and other social services to men and women afflicted with homelessness, mental health, and substance abuse issues. We assist with the support to help individuals transition to permanent housing who are willing and able to work towards self-sufficiency by providing access to: licensed counseling; workforce development; financial management; case management; and referrals to social service agencies.


Director / Founder: RWR-in-Training Mentoring Program: to assist and aid girls to understand the important of all aspects of self-worth. Workshops and forum to discuss teen issues: dating; bullying; etiquette; education; sisterhood; and more.


Director: RWR/RMR Teen Empowerment Summit: annual summit for girls & boys ages 12-19 years old. Proving empowering break-out sessions; role play skits; community resources; an awesome lunch and much more.


Founder of: Mars/Venus Conversation Social of Phoenix: respectful and honest discussion on the perspective of how women and men process their experiences and emotions.




We are an Accountability Organization to Empower Women. We support, educate, and empower women & girls through support groups; advocacy; mentorships; workforce & professional development; sisterhood sessions; and more!



RWR is a proud

supporter of HOMI.